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Here at Release The Kraken Tattoo we offer a wide range of piercings, which are carried out by trained professionals, under strict hygienic and sterile conditions. Sterile needles are used only once and are opened in front of the client. All reusable equipment is cleaned then sterilised in an autoclave and all other items are disposed of in front of the client.

There is no need to feel nervous, as you will be in safe and friendly hands!

The piercer will give you full information on how to care for your new piercing afterwards and we also stock a range of aftercare products to help you keep it clean.

We also offer laser removal in house. We have made a pricing structure that is fair and affordable to suit every individual. Prices start from just £50 a session and increase depending on size of the area to be removed, single or multiple colours, pigments used and whether the tattoo was carried out by a professional or an amateur.

We will be able to give you a full quote during your  consultation, which also includes a  patch test. We do a patch test to set a baseline level for the laser settings. this is the safest way to get results, without causing damage to the skin.

For further information and full explanations of possible side effects or suitability of persons to be treated, please contact the studio to arrange a consultation.

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